Be Unique.  Be You. 

Tap the power of your Imagination to write like never before and like nobody else!  Join me in this transformative journey through the IMAGINATIVE WRITING COURSE

With regular live classes, recorded lessons, exercises, projects, and  more... It's not just a course. It's a relationship.         

 WhatsApp - +91 85520 12735

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RECORDED LESSONS   Learn at your own pace and time by accessing pre-recorded video lessons from anywhere in the world. Play again and again and again!
LIVE CLASSES     Interact live with Harvinder Kaur, Creative Facilitator, and fellow creative students, over Zoom from any part of the world. 
ONLINE-COMMUNITY SHARING   You can show how your creativity has taken shape by sharing the mind-blowing projects and fun exercises on the online platform.


Course Facilitator

Harvinder Kaur, poet, writer, and educator. Above all, an original thinker, carving paths in the sky and ocean. She brings the essence of her thirty year journey in creative exploration and self discovery to this platform. Check out her website for her creative work, published books, photographs, education journey, workshops, yoga and more @

What you'll learn

· Learn methods through the ‘Imagination Gym’ that make your writing more vivid, impactful and unique. 

 · Gain perspective and create amazing analogies from the world around you. 

 · Create unique plots for writing using the amazing Story-bowl and Cube method. 

 · Create unique and otherworldly characters using the wonderful ‘cloud perception’ technique. 

 · Use imagination to dive deep to make singular connections and apply these to your writing and life!


301. Greenfield Soc, Pune, Maharashtra, India 411028


+91 85520 12735 (WhatsApp)


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